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Riikka Heikkilä, Mikko Aro, Vesa Närhi, Jari Westerholm, and Timo Ahonen (2013)

Does training in syllable recognition improve reading speed? A computer-based trial with poor readers from second and third grade

Scientific Studies of Reading, 17(6):398-414.

Repeated reading of infrequent syllables has been shown to increase reading speed at the word level in a transparent orthography. This study confirms these results with a computer-based training method and extends them by comparing the training effects of short syllables and long frequent and infrequent syllables, controlling for rapid automatized naming. Our results, based on a sample of 150 poor readers of Finnish, showed clear gains in reading speed regarding all trained syllables, but a transfer effect to the word level was evident only in the case of long infrequent syllables. Rapid automatized naming was associated with initial reading speed, but not with the training effect.

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