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EU ACP EDULINK programme

Niilo Mäki Institute together with a university network of psychology, Psykonet organized a higher education cooperation project (2008-2010) funded by the EU ACP EDULINK programme. The aim of the EDULINK programme is to promote higher education cooperation between EU, Africa and Caribbean and Pacific regions. The objectives of the EDULINK Programme are to support quality higher education and promote capacity building and regional integration in higher education through institutional networking.

The objective of Education for the Children with Learning Disabilities: African-European Co-operation for Promoting Higher Education and Research project was to enhance Zambian, Namibian and Kenyan partner universities´ and faculties´ curricula in identifying and rehabilitating learning difficulties among school aged children. The partner institutions in this project were University of Zambia, University of Namibia, Kenyatta University, Zambia Institute of Special Education, University of Turku and Niilo Mäki Institute.

The training consisted of six workshops which thematic areas included reading difficulties (dyslexia), mathematical learning disabilities, challenging behavior, emotional disorders in childhood as well as using assessment centers in teaching practice. The teaching staff from partner universities and institutU ions participated to the training workshops.

Training seminar in Namibia, January 2009.

The project published Assessment of Learning Disabilities: Cooperation between Teachers, Psychologists and Parents - African Edition book. The contributions to this book came from Kenyan, Namibian and Zambian and Finnish experts and the editors were Timo Ahonen and Tuija Aro.

The book (pdf file) can be downloaded here.