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The work of Professor Niilo Mäki was directed towards acquiring a heterogeneous nature of science, he was especially interested in combining the fields of neuropsychology and pedagogy. On the other hand, not only did he appreciate combining different theoretical fields of knowledge but also he vastly supported practical fieldwork. Professor Niilo Mäki thrived towards societal partnership in achieving further with scientific knowledge and fieldwork. Further emphasis for the aforementioned facts has been the spark for creating the Niilo Mäki foundation.

The founding body of the Niilo Mäki foundation includes the University Association of Jyväskylä, the Municipality of Jyväskylä and the Support Association of the Child Psychiatric Institution of Haukkala. Another active member having participated in the creation of the Niilo Mäki foundation is the wife of Professor Niilo Mäki, FT Onerva Mäki. Not only is she an active member with the foundation but she has also made an impeccable devotion to developing special education for children with special needs.

Niilo Mäki Foundation is founded 21.6.1990 and its purpose is to further the neuropsychological research and rehabilitation of children and the young.

The Niilo Mäki foundation maintains the Niilo Mäki institute. The governing forces of the foundation are a Representative Delegation and the Executive Board. The delegation consists of one chairman and 12 representatives that are chosen for three years at a time. The delegation appoints the board of directors and reserves, as well as the chairman for a year at a time.