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Sami Määttä, Jari-Erik Nurmi, and Eeva-Maria Majava (2002)

Achievement and attributional strategies in the transition from school to work.

European Journal of Personality, 16:295-311.

This study focused on investigating the extent to which the achievement and attributional strategies individuals deploy influence their success in dealing with the transition from school to work, and whether their success or failure in this particular would have consequences for the kinds of strategy they deployed later in life. Two hundred and fifty young adults filled in the Cartoon-Attribution-Strategy Inventory, a revised version of Beck’s Depression Inventory, and a work status questionnaire at the beginning of the last spring term of their curriculum, four months after their graduation, and a year and a half after it. The results showed that the deployment of maladaptive strategies, such as passive avoidance, led to problems in dealing with the transition from school to work. In turn, young adults’ problems in dealing with this transition decreased their use of self-serving causal attributions, which was also found to lead to increased depressive symptomatology.

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