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Riikka Heikkilä, Vesa Närhi, Mikko Aro, and Timo Ahonen (2009)

Rapid Automatized Naming and Learning Disabilities: Does RAN Have a Specific Connection to Reading or Not?

Child Neuropsychology, 15:343-358.

This work is an extension of a study by Waber, Wolff, Forbes, and Weiler (2000) in which
the specificity of naming speed deficits to reading disability (RD) was examined. One
hundred ninety-three children (ages 8 to 11) evaluated for learning disabilities were
studied. It was determined how well rapid automatized naming (RAN) discriminated
between different diagnostic groups (learning impaired [LI] with and without RD) from
controls and from each other. Whereas Waber et al. concluded that RAN was an excellent
tool for detecting risk for learning disabilities in general, the results of the present study
point to a more specific connection between RAN and RD.

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