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Welcome to the NMI

The Niilo Mäki institute functions as a unit in multidisciplinary research and development work for learning disabilities. The area of operation is centralised in the prevention of the youth from dissociating with their educational responsibilities as early as possible. The means of operation are

  • To develop and improve the diagnostic criteria for learning- and developmental disabilities and maintaining scientific research in these desired areas.

  • To establish awareness and current information regarding learning disabilities for the public and at the same time focused in use of different occupational groups and those with learning disabilities.

  • To maintain the areas of research, development and information services.

  • To gather international and domestic information and developing expertise for Finnish social services.

The Niilo Mäki institute is primarily funded by Finland 's slot machine association (RAY) and by other beneficiaries. Certain examples of beneficiaries are: the social insurance institution of Finland (Kela), the national board of education, and the EU. Ministry of foreign affairs funds the development co-operation projects. Training and publishing are realized as payment service. Donations from individuals have been given through the Niilo Mäki Foundation. Part of income from the training and publishing activity as well as part of donations are used to give grants and scholarships to researchers in the field of learning difficulties.